tri-countyTRI-COUNTY WEEK 2015
Date: TBA

Sponsoring Church: Tri-County Church of Christ (Cushing, OK)

The world is darker than it’s ever been.  People today think more about surviving life than they do succeeding in it.  With drugs in our schools and divorce in our homes, feelings of fear and inadequacy have begun to typify our culture.  We at the Tri-County Church are aware of these things, and we’re working to change them.
We’re striving to define and develop three different relationships:

  • Our Relationships with God
  • Our Relationships with the Saved
  • Our Relationships with the Lost

The world around us will always be dark, but we don’t want to simply survive it.  We want to change it.

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
~Romans 12:21