Faith Week Application

If the camper is less than 10 or older than 18, you will be contacted to discuss whether or not your child will be allowed at camp.
While the camp takes reasonable precaution for the safety and well-being of your children, it is agreed that the camp assumes no responsibility for the camper’s personal property and is released from liability. If your child fails to comply with any camp rule, they will be warned. If they continue to break the rules, you will be called and will be expected to pick up your child at camp. If your child becomes injured or ill at camp, first aid will be administered. In case of an emergency, your child will be taken to a hospital or emergency room for a physician to administer medical care or medications he/she believes necessary. For insurance and safety reasons, the person named above as the Parent or Guardian is the only person authorized to take campers from the grounds. You MUST make a formal arrangement with the director for anyone else to pick up your child.
By checking this box, I verify that I am the parent or legal guardian of this camper, give my consent to camp policies, and authorize medical treatment for my child while at camp if deemed necessary by camp staff.
By checking this box, I verify that I, the camper, will abide by the rules of Frog Road camp and obey camp staff of this session.
I agree to pay the camper fee using PayPal or by making another arrangement BEFORE the application deadline of May 15. I acknowledge that even if I fill out the online application above, no bed is reserved for any camper until the $100 camper fee is received in full. A $3.29 processing fee for each camper is applied if you choose to use PayPal.
I understand that the camper in this application may be photographed at camp related activities. I understand that these photographs may be used either in print or on the internet. I grant permission for my child to be photographed, or their images recorded for print or electronic use.